Unblocked Playtime Night Scary Game

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The hunt for creepy ghosts with glowing eyes will last for 10 levels. They go in turn one after another, and at first easier levels will be available to you. On the instructions of each of them, you need to eliminate a given number of ghosts. It is listed at the top left of the screen. There you can also monitor the progress of the task. Keep in mind that you need to complete it in a limited time. It expires on the indicator to the right of the found casts counter. If you do not meet the allotted time limit, you will lose. The task of capturing the ghosts of Poppy Playtime is complicated by the fact that you will get to the factory at night, and darkness will reign around.

Dim light will only be available at the location where the mouse cursor is Move it around the screen looking for ghosts Finding one of them




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