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Climb the animal food chain in No download needed, it's browser game! was enjoyed millions of times on desktop, and is now you can play unblocked on Tyrone's Unblocked Games.

Start as a tiny mouse, in world of dangerous animals - except, these animals are other players! Forage for food, avoid getting eaten, and progress up the food chain. Learn the abilities of each animal, and go on the HUNT. The more powerful you become, the more players you can attack! is a ton of fun, give it a try!

Desktop Controls:
Mouse - Move around. The player will passively move to the direction the mouse is pointing at; there is no WASD movement. When the mouse is closer to the player, their Animal will slow down. Having the mouse exactly at the center will keep the Animal at a standstill.
Left-click or Space-bar - Dash, Run, or Boost. Clicking/tapping will cause the player's Animal to boost forwards quickly at the expense of some of their main bar. When held, they will constantly keep boosting at certain intervals until stopped or when their bar runs low.
W or right-click - Activate the player's Special Ability. Depending on the exact ability, it may need a single press, multiple, or require holding for periods of time. Animals without an ability will instead spit water.

S has multiple functions:
Spit Water a certain distance away from the player. It may be held or pressed in rapid succession. The player can only spit on land. The Phoenix, Lava Toucan, and Land Monster shoot Fire instead of Water, and the Pterodactyl doesn't spit anything. The player cannot spit on low water/lava.
As a Black Dragon, check which apex/monster animals the player has killed, known as the apex list.
As a King Dragon, uses the Tail Slap ability.
Enter - Chat in-game. It brings up a box where letters can be typed into, and pressing Enter a second time will send the message for anyone to see above the player's Animal. If nothing is typed, the chat box is closed.
Other controls
On the Upgrade Menu, the number keys and letter keys(besides W) selects skins and animals respectively.
Q - As an apex tier(tier 15 and above), opens the 1v1 menu to either 1v1 or do Redemption. This is a shortcut to the actual 1v1 button at the very top.

Mobile Controls:
Joystick - Move around with the joystick, which is a transparent light gray circle with a darker circle where the finger is. Movement can be stopped completely by dragging the circle to the center of the joystick. An gray arrow will be seen while moving, increasing in opacity and length when moving at full speed. When the joystick is closer to the Animal, it becomes lighter and small. It disappears when the joystick is not being controlled.
The joystick option was able to be enabled in the Settings on PC instead of using the mouse. It couldn't be disabled on a mobile device.
Run button or Double tapping - Located as a large button labeled "Hold to run" just above the ability button, it will cause the player's Animal to run. Double tapping the screen also causes running, however, it is much more inefficient when boosting is required for extended periods of time.
Ability box - Activates the Animal's Special Ability. Found at the bottom left corner of the screen.
If LEFT-handed Joystick was enabled in older versions of the game, it would instead be at the bottom right corner.
S - Spit. Located as a small box near the top of the screen.
Chat Button - Chat. Next to the Spit button, also in a small box.


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