Unblocked Crazy Stickman Escape

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Crazy Stickman Escape is a puzzle-platform game in which you control two stickman characters who are trying to break out of a facility in which they are being held. The objective is to control the blue stickman to collect the blue key and then switch to the red stickman to collect the red key. Sounds easy? Not so fast. The facility is filled with security guards, cameras, drones, lasers, acid vats, and other obstacles. Along the way, you can also rescue other prisoners and unlock new costumes and skins to customize your characters. Additionally, there are various accessories you can obtain to keep the game interesting. Play the Lucky Wheel to earn free cash and show us that you have the skill and determination to escape.

Move - WASD or Arrow keys Interact Use - G Switch character - F Zoom out - Z Pause - ESC



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